Business Interruption Following Bushfires


The clean-up of bushfire affected communities is well under way. Many small businesses are now learning the importance of business interruption insurance.

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Four steps to appeal a rejected insurance claim | Petplan Professional


Few things are more devastating in business than thinking you're covered for a loss only to find out your insurer has rejected your claim. Here’s how to appeal that decision.

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Lessons learned from Sydney's 'catastrophic' storm


Sydney's violent hailstorm, which has left millions of dollars of damage in its wake, is a crucial reminder of how important it is to protect yourself against potentially crippling damage to your business.

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Why Small Businesses Use an Insurance Broker


Small business owners tend to be born optimists with little inclination to think about what could go wrong. That’s why it pays to have a Petplan Professional insurance broker in your corner to safeguard what you’ve worked for.

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How to Protect your Personal Assets if your Small Business is Sued


It’s a heart-racing, stomach-churning, sweaty-palm-inducing prospect: your business is being sued.

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What you should do in the event of an insurance claim?


Getting back on your feet after a setback can be far simpler with an insurance broker on your team.

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How to Minimise Being Underinsured


Many Australians, especially those who own businesses, discover they don’t have the cover they need in the worst possible circumstances.

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Insurance and contractors: have you got it covered?


Hiring a contractor or sub-contractor is often appealing to time-poor, cash-strapped small business owners.

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When a worker isn't working out


A business’ success can depend on the people who work for it. So, what should you do when a member of your team’s performance is not up to scratch?

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Should I grow my business by franchising?


Franchising expert Michael Sherlock provides some expert advice on transforming your small business into a franchise network

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Tackling mental health in your business


Fatigue, financial stress, loneliness, and endless demands can trigger mental health issues in business owners. Here are some tips for preventing and dealing with the blues.

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When to lease equipment and when to buy it?


Equipment costs can make a large dent in the budget of a small business. So, is it better to lease or buy what you need to operate?

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Privacy Act Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) 2017


In just 30 days, on February 22, 2018, the Privacy Act Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) 2017 will become mandatory.

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5 Social Media Tips for Business-Savvy Breeders


Growing your social media and web design following allows you to showcase your litters, achievements and even share your interesting (and entertaining!) breeding experience.

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Veterinarians & Social Media Marketing


More and more vet practices are using social media and web design as part of their standard portfolio of marketing tools.

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Veterinarians: Protect your Career, Practice and Income


Petplan Professional insurance is a must for all veterinarians who are serious about protecting their career, practice and income.

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