Date: 27/08/13

Petplan Professional insurance is a must for all veterinarians who are serious about protecting their career, practice and income.

Petplan Professional insurance is a must for all veterinarians who are serious about protecting their career, practice and income.

Protect your practice

If a break-in occurs at your practice, Petplan Professional insurance can help with the costs involved in cleaning up and replacing items, allowing you to get back to business sooner. Petplan Professional insurance even offers cover for theft of items without forcible entry into your practice. For incidents that take longer to recover from, such as storm and fire damage, Petplan Professional insurance can assist with the rebuilding of your place of business, as well as helping you to continue to meet your bills and rent obligations.

Protect your income and career

If an accident or illness prevents you from working, Petplan Professional insurance can help you to maintain your income, hire a locum veterinarian and continue to pay your veterinary nurse wages. This allows your practice to continue trading and reduces the risk of your clients turning to your competitors while you are out of action. Petplan Professional insurance also offers Professional Indemnity cover in the event that someone was to take legal action against you or your practice.

Saving money on Staff Benefits

Do you give your staff discounts on veterinary treatment for their pets? Petplan Pet Insurance can offer 20% discount for pet insurance for your staff’s pets? By giving your staff pet insurance rather than a discount means that Staff’s pets can be treated as if they were your clients, (set appointment rather than fitted in when you have a moment to spare), and can be billed in the same manner, and you get paid, rather than having to discount. Petplan Pet Insurance also includes Third party Liability, as well as Covered for Life treatment for chronic and re-occurring conditions.

Veterinary pet insurance is essential for all veterinarians as it takes away financial stress when things go wrong, allowing you to recover quicker, think clearer and return to work sooner.

Petplan Professional offers insurance exclusively to veterinarians and their support staff to cover all facets of insurance as mentioned, including Professional Indemnity, business; and even home, car and corporate travel policies. At Petplan Profession, policies are tailored for each veterinary practice with complete support available, including expert insurance advice and services.

To make sure your business is covered, contact Petplan Professional on 1300 738 225.

This Blog was written by the furry family at Petplan ProfessionalPetplan Pet Insurance & Petplan Equine Australia. We love vets, pets and people who love pets! Our Petplan Professional sector is a specialised group focused on taking care of Veterinary Professionals and their businesses. Our Petplan Insurance looks after pet Insurance for Dogs, Cats, Horses & Ponies (including third party liability; horse floats, saddlery & tack). We specialise in ‘covered for life’ dog insurance, cat insurance and equine insurance.


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